Online Karma Calculator

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  • handle all karma-buffs (except for Outmanned*)
  • auto updates the total text after you changed something (only updates after the editfield lost focus)
  • you can easily tab trough all the fields
  • english and german language
  • calculates the number of obisidian shards or exotic armor parts that can be bought with the total karma

*Outmanned is said to be bugged according to GW2Wiki, if it does indeed work I will add it.

If you want to embed this calculator into your site use this code:

<iframe  src="" width="300" height="835" frameBorder="0"><p>Your Browser does not support iframes</p></iframe>

you can replace the „#en“ part with „#de“ to default the widget to german language.

If you like my work and use the widget on your site you might consider donating a small amount so I can pay my server rent ;) You will find a donate button on the mainpage:

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